Construction Accident Prevention Techniques

In a previous post, we explored some of the common behaviors that lead to construction accidents on the job. From rushing to get the job done to heat stroke and fatigue, there are a lot of risks that these professionals are subjected to each day. With these facts in mind, we’re now going to go into detail about how to mitigate these accidents with the best safety practices. Equip your operation with a Santa Fe Construction Liability policy to give you peace of mind and protect your bottom line. Next, read on to discover effective injury prevention techniques.

Mandatory meetings.

Workers can’t protect themselves from dangers that they aren’t aware of in the first place. Before letting workers start their day, it’s recommended that you hold a mandatory briefing where you can discuss the machinery that is being used, what exposures to look out for, and explaining the necessary safety gear they’ll need to operate the equipment.

Safety gear.

Going hand in hand with the previous point, it’s required that construction companies provide the necessary safety equipment that their employees need. According to Construction Global, you should require everyone on the job site to wear the proper safety gear including hard hats and eye protection. Likewise, harnesses should be used for all workers working on rooftops and scaffolding.

The right safety gear also includes reflective gear. High-visibility clothing can prevent workers from being hit by cars or machinery while on the job site.


Overworked and fatigued workers are a danger to themselves and your business. Allow plenty of breaks for them to cool down, rehydrate, and relax. Especially in summer when heat exhaustion is rampant, now is the time to schedule shifts and breaks accordingly.


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