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Extend Your Liability Coverage with a Personal Umbrella Policy

Umbrella insurance is designed to respond if the limits of your other liability policies, such as those on your auto or homeowners policies, are not enough to cover costs associated with an injury you cause to someone or damage to their property. At Daniels Insurance Agency, we want to see our clients fully protected from lawsuits and other liability claims – which is why we recommend personal umbrella insurance to our clients.

Why Get Umbrella Insurance?

Certain individuals and households have a higher liability risk than others. For example, those with a swimming pool, spa, or trampoline tend to have liability risks that exceed the ordinary. Those with significant assets also want the protection that a personal umbrella policy provides.

The high cost of medical treatment is enough to make one stop and think about how much a bad accident could run. What’s more, multi-million-dollar judgments today are not uncommon. Would your auto liability limits cover serious injuries or a death to the occupants of the other vehicle? How about a drowning or permanent disability from an accident in the swimming pool? You can imagine how quickly legal bills and restitution would use up your liability limits.

Umbrella insurance extends over your other primary policies, including homeowners insurance, auto insurance, boat insurance, mobile home insurance, RV insurance and more. This protection operates in concert with your basic coverages to offer more protection for risks of bodily injury and property damage, along with coverage for other risks that your regular policy may not insure. If you want to protect your assets from legal actions and claims over liability, a personal umbrella policy is designed to respond.

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