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Extend Your Liability Insurance with a Commercial Umbrella Policy

Everyone looks to the individual or company with deep pockets when something goes very wrong. In fact, litigation against businesses is quite common today with judgments in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars no longer the exception. One costly lawsuit could bankrupt a company or significantly impact its growth and profits. Having the right insurance program is critical in mitigating your risk in the event of an accident or injury that results in a liability lawsuit. This includes not only having adequate liability limits under your primary, underlying policies, but also looking at your risk tolerance and determining if you need additional coverage in the form of a commercial umbrella policy.

Supplementing Primary Liability Limits

The staff at Daniels Insurance Agency will review your operation and exposures as well as your liability policies to determine if the amounts on these policies adequately reflect your risk profile. Then we will help assess the impact on your business should a catastrophic loss wherein you are found legally liable, and make the appropriate recommendations for commercial umbrella insurance.

With a commercial umbrella policy, you are covered if the limits under your primary liability policies are exhausted. This can happen rather quickly when you look at today’s award judgments and the cost of legal fees. Commercial umbrella insurance extends your limits, protecting your assets as well as your future earnings.

The amount of umbrella insurance right for you depends on a variety of factors. Your type of business, number of employees and amount of assets are all very important considerations. Let us help determine what is right for your business.

We’ll help you prepare for tomorrow today.

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