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In this final installment of our article series regarding preventing construction accidents, we’re going to talk about how taking frequent breaks and keeping cool can prevent injury and fatalities on the job. Especially in the summer heat, it’s easy for outdoor workers to suffer from heat exhaustion, dehydration and heat stroke. We’ve already covered the other essentials, including conducting regular safety meetings and utilizing proper protective equipment, now it’s time to focus on the physical safety of your employees to minimize Santa Fe Construction Liability.

Encourage frequent breaks.

Frequent breaks allow the body to cool down from sun exposure as well as from work activity. While air temperatures are technically the same in the sun and the shade, getting out of direct sunlight can make the air temperature feel about 10 to 15 degrees cooler, says Edge Project Solutions.

Stay hydrated.

Workers who spend the majority of their days in the heat need plenty of fresh water. While it’s encouraged that they bring their own water bottles for easy drinking throughout the day, you can also provide some in a cooler at the worksite. Even if your workers don’t necessarily feel thirsty, encourage them to drink some water at least every half hour. Remember, the effects of dehydration and heat exhaustion can start before they even feel anything.

Train your employees.

Employees need to understand their risks completely to prevent them. Train them on the following:

  • Acclimating to heat.
  • Regular water consumption practices.
  • Identifying heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
  • Following through with an emergency plan.

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