Steps to Real Estate Success: Building Your Business

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In this article series, we have explored the best tips for new real estate agents to get their bearings and make a name for themselves in such a competitive market. We’ve covered the basics, including how to secure your financial future and seeking out mentorship to strengthen your abilities. Now, we’re going to dive deeper into how to build your business from the ground up. Before reading on, secure your operation with a NM Real Estate Professional Liability insurance policy.

Hit the ground running.

Make a list of all of your regular contacts and send them an email or text that you’re in the real estate business. The more referrals you get, the easier it will be for your business to take off. Follow up with them every few weeks to see if they have any prospects or leads for you. Next, be sure to get acquainted with your colleagues as they will be your support system during this interim phase.

Create some structure.

Real estate is notoriously unstructured. Many people choose it for exactly that reason, but appearances can be deceiving. Top salespeople understand that success requires discipline, and that discipline has to come from within. You’re not punching a clock, but you still need to follow some basic rules, says Realtor.

Real estate is more than selling houses; it’s essentially running your own business. Dedicate a certain time of the day to scout new houses and get the listing. If you don’t act right away, you’ll miss out on a potential sale.

Have a plan.

You’ll need to factor the following:

  • How much you want to make each year
  • How much commission you’ll take home from the sale of a house
  • The expenses involved with your advertising and lead generation strategies
  • How you plan on getting new clients
  • Your plan for staying in touch with prospective clients

Even with a solid plan, it’s important that you learn as you go. Like we’ve mentioned in the past, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for success. Real estate business requires finesse, patience and persistence.

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