Minimizing Construction Accidents: PPE

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In this series of posts, we have explored how construction firms and workers can minimize their liability and prevent accidents at job sites. From recognizing threats to holding thorough daily meetings, there are various proactive ways that these professionals can ensure their safety. In this blog, we’re going to dive deeper into the necessary personal protective equipment, or PPE, that all construction workers need to wear, as outlined by OSHA safety standards. Most importantly, minimize your risk with a Santa Fe Construction Liability policy.

Head protection.

The following standards apply to all hardhats worn in the industry, according to OSHA:

  • Workers shall wear hard hats where there is a potential for objects falling from above, bumps to their heads from fixed objects, or of accidental head contact with electrical hazards.
  • Hard hats are routinely inspected for dents, cracks or deterioration.
  • Hard hats are replaced after a heavy blow or electrical shock.
  • Hard hats are maintained in good condition.

Face protection.

  • Protective eyewear needs to be worn during any task that could cause flying debris such as welding, grinding or cutting any material.
  • Face masks must be worn when handling electrical systems.
  • Depending on specific hazards, construction managers must choose the right PPE for their crews.

Hand protection.

Workers must wear the right gloves for the job (for example, heavy-duty rubber gloves for concrete work, welding gloves for welding, insulated gloves and sleeves when exposed to electrical hazards).

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