What to Do if One of Your Employees Crashes a Company Car

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Driving a company car is a privilege and must be treated as so. As an employer, you are responsible for all of the cars at your company. You are also accountable if your employee gets in an accident in the company car, even if you were nowhere near the car at the time.

A car accident in a company car or on company time can lead to some very complicated situations regarding liability. Since each situation is unique, you will want to constant your insurer to make sure you are covered. Here are some of the other important things to take care of following a work driving accident.

Check on the Employee’s Wellbeing 

Regardless of the situation, show compassion towards your employee who is involved in the car crash. Ensure that medical attention is provided, including all recommended laboratory exams and imaging studies to check for internal bleeding, spinal cord injury, broken bones, or ruptured blood vessels. Keep in mind that each case will vary from the next.

In the event of a lawsuit, you will certainly want to have adequate New Mexico business insurance that includes workers’ compensation coverage. This can help you and your employee to offset some of the medical costs as well as possible legal costs.

Consult Your Lawyer 

You are responsible for your employees and the victims of the accident because the vehicle is company-owned. Hiring a trusted, reputable, and experienced car accident lawyer is beneficial in helping you through the next steps and guiding you on the data or evidence you need to collect to help your employees and preserve your business’s reputation. You will also want to know the impact of the car accident to your future business decisions.

Contact Your Insurer 

Be certain to notify your insurance company immediately after you are informed of the accident. Get a clear explanation of the policy that covers the incident in hopes to get compensation as early as possible to pay for the hospitalization and property damages caused by the car accident.

You will need enough evidence to prove your claim, such as a police report, medical report, and interviews of witnesses and to establish a strong defense should the case be raised in court. You also must be able to identify if the car accident happened within the scope of employment or fulfillment of duty, or whether it happened outside of work hours, during a vacation, or doing other errands or activities beyond the employee’s job description.

If you have company cars or ask your employees to drive during working hours, make sure you have a Commercial Auto Insurance policy in place. You may trust your employees, but you never know what could happen on the road.

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