Planning DIY Renovations? Here’s How to Prevent Accidents in the Process

Trying to squeeze in your home renovation project before the holidays? This time of year is a great opportunity to remodel, but you wouldn’t want an accident to ruin your holiday gatherings. To keep your renovation project on track and keep everyone safe it’s important to implement accident prevention techniques.

Every remodeling project comes with the risk of injury that homeowners face during DIY projects but there are plenty of ways to prevent injury during your next renovation project, and your best practices will vary by project type. Here are some accident prevention techniques to get you started.

Wear Safety Gear

It is crucial to wear the right kind of safety gear! Depending on the type of tools you’re using, invest in personal protective equipment such as a hardhat, gloves, safety goggles, and proper footwear to protect your body during your project. 

Practice Proper Tool Usage 

Always use tools with caution. Slow down and take the time to use a tool properly! Sometimes using certain tools for the first time can be exciting, but take it slow at first. Many tool-related accidents happen while individuals are rushing through a job, so double-check safety guards and hand placement.

Use the Buddy System 

Never work alone! Ask your partner, friend, or neighbor to help you with your renovation project. By working with another person at all times, you can look out for each other. This accident prevention technique can prevent serious issues from arising. 

Have Sufficient Ventilation 

Keep renovated areas well ventilated. Fumes from paint, stains, and aerosol cans can be very dangerous when inhaled. Open windows, use ventilation equipment, or better yet, try to only use these substances outside. 

Don’t be Too Prideful 

Know when to hire a professional. Remember that you are not required to DIY every project, no matter how much pressure you get from your DIY friends. Some more advanced renovations are best left to an actual contractor. DIY renovations are meant to save money, not end up costing you extra to fix the damage you did!

Block off Dangerous Areas 

Do you have kids or pets in the home? Any dangerous tools, exposed nails, hazardous chemicals, and other hazards for curious kids and pets is a call for major accident prevention techniques. Ensure all entrances to active work areas are completely kid proofed.

Some of these may seem over-cautious, but using accident prevention techniques will be worth it when you are spending time with family and friends in your new space. Before you engage with any renovations to your property, make sure you have an up-to-date homeowners insurance policy that will cover any potential damage that your work could incur. Once the renovations are done, consider taking another look at your policy; you want to be sure that your new features will be covered! If you’re at all unsure, call an agent with your questions.

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