Small Businesses: Keeping Hiring Process ADA Compliant

In a previous blog, we discussed ways to ensure your interviewing process remains ADA compliant. With strict regulations enforced, familiarizing yourself with appropriate and inappropriate questions can limit liability and exposures. At the same time, the hiring process and compliance goes beyond just the interview questions. In fact, writing the job description, offering a position, and onboarding still require compliance with ADA regulations. In this article, we’re going to explore how to ensure your small business is on track with hiring practices. Before continuing on, protect your operation with an Albuquerque Employment Practices Liability insurance

Before hiring and writing job descriptions.

According to Just Works, the following factors should be considered before the initial candidate interview:

  • Ensure that you are completely ADA compliant in your job descriptions. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that there are no prohibitions on people being hired because of their disabilities.
  • Ensure that your interview questions are also ADA compliant. It is important that your managers do not ask disability-related questions. And if you are bringing someone in, the location has to be easily accessible to people with all sorts of disabilities.
  • Keep interview questions primarily on the candidate’s ability to do the job and nothing else.

Offer letter.

Ensure the offer letter explicitly states the employment is at-will, unless the hiring terms are temporary. Explain the duties of the role, the benefits included, and the salary awarded. Be sure to include the necessary tax forms, as well.

Onboarding practices.

This is less of a concern in terms of ADA compliance. However, ensuring you onboard properly, provide training, and allow room for questions and improvement can minimize a claim against your business later on. Meet with the new hire a week after starting the role to ensure they know where they stand and how their role should be played out.

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