ADA Guidelines for Interviewing

Interviewing is a critical component to sourcing and hiring the best applicant for the job. As many business owners know, it can be a long and tedious process. While there are basic questions that seemingly every employer asks, do you know if your interview questions are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act? Instead of unknowingly subjecting your business to penalties, fines, and potential embarrassment, read on to discover how to keep your interview guidelines in compliance with the ADA. Further, equip your business with a comprehensive Albuquerque Employment Practices Liability insurance policy to protect your operations.

Refrain from asking if an applicant needs accommodations.

Don’t assume the applicant needs any accommodations- instead, wait for their request. ADA regulations do require employers to provide “reasonable accommodation” — appropriate changes and adjustments — to enable a disabled person to be considered for a job opening. And an employer cannot refuse to consider an applicant because she requires reasonable accommodation to compete for a job, says Small Business Trends.

Speak clearly and directly to those with hearing loss.

Even if the applicant has an interpreter, speak to him or her directly. Wait until you have their attention and speak clearly while maintaining eye contact.

Identify yourself when interviewing the visually impaired.

Introduce yourself and whoever else might be accompanying you during the interview. Next, address the person directly before speaking.

Get level with applicants in wheelchairs.

Rather than stand above them, get on the same level as your interviewee. Next, remember that a wheelchair is considered personal space so refrain from hanging or leaning on it during the interview.

Maintain the same standards.

According to ADA, applicants with disabilities, like anyone else, must be able to meet the employer’s requirements for the job and perform the “essential functions” of the job either on their own or with the aid of a reasonable accommodation, says the article.

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