Detecting & Managing Cyber Threats

In a previous post, we explored the reasons why now is the most optimal time to purchase New Mexico Cyber Liability Insurance. As threats increase in complexity and severity, business owners of all types need to start taking steps to protect their data, their reputation and their bottom lines. Foregoing coverage altogether means business owners are on the hook for financial damages and lawsuits that stem from breaches. Aside from acquiring the right insurance, the next step is to know how to detect and contain cyber threats to minimize damage.

Step 1: Implement fundamental controls.

These simple yet mindful considerations can be the difference between suffering a breach or preventing one. These controls include:

  • Restricted administrative access
  • Two-step authentication for logins
  • Secured networks
  • Cloud security

Step 2: Visibility.

Enterprises should implement network monitoring functionality such as Netflow and collect logs from any device that records indemnity usage. This enables organizations to create red flags related to identity theft, data loss, and abnormal activity on a day-to-day basis. While these alerts are important, a critical capability lies in correlating actions to every machine or user, whether on or off the network. Detailed information relating to all incoming emails, such as full headers and even content, will allow cybersecurity teams to cycle back to the origin of the incident, states SC Magazine.

Step 3: Awareness.

Educating your employees on what an attack looks like gives them more insight into how to prevent future breaches from occurring. In addition, moving forward, this education will give employees the knowledge to identify potential red flags that went unnoticed by security framework.

If a breach occurs, do not place blame but rather shed light on how it was achieved and how it affects the business. The more information your employees have, the better decisions they can make in the future.

No product on the market is going to find all malware or all bad user behaviors. With that said, if you combine good technology and processes with great people, enterprises amplify the ability to combat advanced threats, reduce dwell time, and detect lateral movements.


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