Nightclub Promotion in Winter

The post-holiday slump that many businesses face after the holidays can have a negative effect on your nightclub. Since customers likely spent their money on holiday shopping and have to brave the harsh weather to get to your establishment, it’s common for this time of year to be uncharacteristically slow. However, there are ways to boost business during winter. To brace yourself for the coming crowds, secure your operation with a comprehensive NM Nightclub Insurance program.

Play on winter.

Start the conversation with your followers on social media by asking what their favorite and most dreaded parts of winter are. Nightclub and Bar recommend considering running a contest where customers enter photos or videos showing them participating in their favorite winter activity for a chance to win cool prizes, which are awarded at a special event in the bar. Be sure to get customer contact information to provide them with sales and promotional materials throughout the year.

Give them an incentive.

VIP service, bottle service, backstage passes, etc. can really provide an incentive for people to want to sign up for your mailing list. Encourage your customers to bring friends along with them and extend the promotion to them, as well. This will get more people in the door and boost your earning potential.

Go all out.

Choose a specific night to celebrate the coming of warmer weather and turn it into a party. Market this to your customers with reminders and promotional materials. Hire a DJ, have the place professionally decorated, and hire dancers to motivate people to join in on the fun.

Attract the sports crowds.

Take advantage of the upcoming Super Bowl by engaging followers in sports trivia and prizes that they can claim once in your nightclub. Create a sports-themed trivia game or contest on your social media pages and promote relevant hashtags people can use to build a buzz.

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