Construction Job Site Safety Precautions

The construction industry is no stranger to its fair share of risks. As an employer, it’s imperative to take proactive steps in order to protect your construction crew from suffering life threatening injuries and keep them safe on the job with the following safety precautions. In addition, a NM Construction Workers’ Compensation Program is your first line of defense in the event of an injury or claim.

Preventing falls.

The most heavily cited standard in the construction industry, employers are required to provide ample fall protection gear. According to Construct Connect, employers are required to provide fall protection systems to protect their workers on walking or working surfaces with unprotected edges or sides that are six feet above a lower level. Fall protection can include guardrails, safety net systems, and personal fall arrest systems. This is especially important when working on scaffolding. Ensure your crew wears the proper safety and protection equipment and is managed by a competent and trained professional.

Proper training.

Everyone in your crew will likely face a fall hazard. Therefore, even newer employees should undergo thorough training before working on site. Topics of the training program should include the nature of fall hazards present on the construction site, proper erection, inspection and maintenance of fall protection systems, use of fall protection systems and personal fall arrest systems and the role of the employee in safety monitoring and the fall protection plan, explains the article.

Remember that all employers are required to complete a certification that all employees were trained in fall protection. Retraining is necessary for those who have not retained the information and when new procedures are introduced.

Eye, face and head protection.

You must provide your employees with complimentary eyewear and face protection equipment. This gear needs to be OSHA compliant and fitted with the proper prescription lenses that an employee might require. Further, hard hats that are in good working condition must be provided free of cost.

Hazardous material communication.

A written form must be provided that outlines all of the hazardous materials used at your job sites. Each of these substances should be labeled with the appropriate warning sign attached, as well.

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