Marketing Strategies for Ski Resorts

Winter is right around the corner and the first snowfall of the season is rapidly approaching. As ski resorts and snow sports spots account for hundreds of millions in revenue of each, putting your destination on the map can secure your financial future and success. In addition to curbing legal and financial liability with a comprehensive New Mexico Ski Resort Insurance Program, follow these simple steps for creating a dynamic and engaging marketing strategy for your business.

Make it personal.

Staying in touch with current and prospective customers, whether it’s through a newsletter or sending a thank you email after a customer’s visit, can help drive more bookings. In fact, nurturing your leads—walking them through the booking process with email marketing or even phone calls—can increase sales by an average of 20 percent, according to a DemandGen Report. By personalizing these promotions, your campaign will be even more effective.

Update customers via text.

In a recent study conducted by Cellit, it was found that text messages have 8 times the response rate of emails. Contact previous and current customers by sending a text about snowfall, promotions, events on the grounds, and more.

Get in touch with travel bloggers.

Share insider information about some of your most popular trails or details about ski and snowboard experiences you offer throughout the year on a company blog. Sharing this type of content will not only engage some of you site visitors but may also encourage travel bloggers and visitors in the area to blog about your offerings—or try them out and write about them for their audience, says the article. Networking can be your best asset in marketing, so don’t be shy!

Take advantage of Facebook.

As the largest social media platform in existence, your presence on it is critical. Be active about updating followers on snow conditions, events, sales and promotions. Post live videos and charming photographs to drive business, as well.

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