Implementing a Strong Company Culture in your Restaurant

Company culture is something most of today’s job seekers desire. Not only do they want to feel appreciated and be compensated fairly, but employees want to be a part of a team and thrive in a company culture that’s positive and effective. With that said, now is a great time to evaluate your company culture. In addition, be sure to secure an iron-clad Albuquerque Restaurant Insurance Program to protect your operations and mitigate risk.

Provide the proper training.

Create a sense of community and prepare your employees for their roles by providing adequate training. Explain why processes are in place, ensure they have plenty of time to ask questions and get clarity while providing shadowing practices so experienced employees can demonstrate how things should be done.

Provide opportunities for growth.

Show your employees that hard work pays off. Indicate what they need to do and what they need to accomplish before moving up the ranks. By providing a visual, employees will know where they stand and fairness will be promoted throughout the company. Further, this will help with employee retention, as well. When your employees know there is room for growth, they won’t feel the need to move on to another restaurant or company.

Coach’s clinic.

Putting someone in charge is an important decision. Even more importantly is determining if their coaching and delegation style are effective. Consider offering a coach’s clinic for new managers. Mendocino Farms founder Maria Del Pero explains, “With senior leadership, they explore coaching styles, set goals, role-play restaurant scenarios and utilize other helpful management tools.”

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