Integrating Locally Sourced Food Onto Your Menu

Now, more than ever, customers are looking for environmentally responsive foods that they can feel good about eating. In fact, the 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast found that 57 percent of adults say they look for limited-service restaurants that serve locally sourced food, while 45 percent say an important factor is the availability of organic or environmentally friendly food, says the National Restaurant Association. Whether you want to transform your menus or even make them more seasonal and sustainable, here is how to incorporate locally sourced food onto your menu. Even more importantly, ensure your operation is backed by a custom-tailored New Mexico Restaurant Insurance Package.

Go to farmer’s markets.

Get to know your local produce suppliers at your farmer’s market. Establish a relationship with them so that you constantly have access to fresh ingredients and can stay in the know about upcoming trends and seasonal items.

Do some research.

Scout out local producers by reading labels at farmer’s markets and grocery stores. This way, you can see what’s next for the season and can plan your menu accordingly. Further, this reduces waste and increases sustainability, as well.

Hone in your menu.

Rather than offer pages and pages of dishes, consider opting for a smaller menu to make your it more sustainable and easier to cook. A smaller menu allows you to control food waste and improves kitchen efficiency, so keep your best-selling dishes on the menu and nix the others.

Develop a sustainable supply.

From winemakers to cheese guilds to farms, these sustainable suppliers can ensure you work together to benefit the community and support the sustainable and locally sourced items in your neighborhood.

Be up front.

Let your customers know from the start that you are focusing on seasonality and sustainability, so items that they loved a month ago might not be available anymore. However, explain your cause and promote your new items to keep them coming back. Remember, this movement is about more than a consistent menu!

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