Keeping Your Agents Safe in the Field

As real estate professionals, your agents know the ins and the outs of the industry, how to assist their customers, and how to read the housing market. However, have you ever considered the safety risks they face while showing homes to strangers for a living? This inherent hazard of the job poses some significant concern for agents, especially when they are showing homes alone. Therefore, in addition to equipping your business and your agents with a Santa Fe Real Estate Insurance package, consider the following advice.

Don’t discount your feelings and red flags.

All too often an agent feels uncomfortable or gets warning signals but doesn’t respond to them. While no one wants to believe anything bad could happen, they have to be prepared and listen to their instincts.

Park on the street.

Avoid being boxed in by another car when parking in the driveway. Instead, opt to park in the street. Simple steps like this can mean the difference between being trapped and making a getaway, so think ahead.

Establish a safe word.

Create a safe word amongst your team and use it when there is a dangerous or critical situation. Have each of your agents share this safe word with their spouses, significant others, friends and family so they can respond immediately to an emergency situation.

Leave if you feel threatened.

If you see someone steal something during an open house, don’t confront him or her. This person could be in a crisis and could hurt you. Leave the home and call the police. If someone tries to manipulate you to go into the basement or attic, get out as soon as possible. You don’t need to protect the house; you need to protect yourself, explains Realtor Mag.

Vet the client before meeting them.

Have the client send a copy of their current driver’s license and address so that you can scope them out online and verify their identity. Be sure to notify someone of your whereabouts before each time you visit a house.

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