Menu Development: A Team Effort

In our previous article, we discussed some of the ways that you can start to incorporate locally sourced ingredients on your menu. As healthy living and eating is becoming more of a lifestyle than a trend, your restaurant can stay ahead of the curve by updating your menus. But, how do you change your menu successfully? To start, a team mentality and some simple helpful tips can improve your menu and expand your customer base significantly. While taking these tips into consideration, ensure your operation is protected by a New Mexico Restaurant Insurance package.

Focus on teamwork.

The more groups are involved, the more streamlined the menu development process is. Determine your cuisine goals as a restaurant brand. Collaborate with a diverse group of team members – marketing, culinary, legal – to ensure everyone’s aware of current regulations and your brand standards. Cross-functional teams can bring cohesion and insight to your R&D processes, suggests the National Restaurant Association.

Emphasize trends.

As we mentioned before, healthy eating is now a lifestyle. So, incorporate organic, locally sourced ingredients, stay on top of food trends such as global flavors and sustainable proteins, and emphasize fresh flavors. There are so many ways to create unique dishes that are characteristic of your restaurant, so accept feedback and brainstorm ideas with your team.

Remember the story.

When you choose to update or change a menu to reflect a purpose, be sure to tell that story to your customers. They want to know that they are supporting a sustainable chain and contributing to good within their community. Many people, especially millennials, want to be a part of a cause, so put your story front and center in your restaurant and on your social media channels.


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