Promoting Convenience in your Kitchen

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Like in every successful restaurant, your chefs and kitchen staff likely feel the pressure when the crowds come in. During these times, it might be challenging to deliver consistent and quality dishes. As this affects the reputation and the overall view of your restaurant, it’s a great idea to streamline kitchen activity to provide an efficient and organized kitchen. In addition, protect your front and back of house with a comprehensive Santa Fe Restaurant Insurance Program.

Oversee your menu’s complexity.

Streamline your recipes to ensure consistent quality.  When training new kitchen staff, walk through each recipe, especially signature dishes and their ingredients – proteins, produce, spices and ready-to-eat components – to ensure that employees execute them in the same manner every time. Consider preparing or stocking what you can, such as sauces, in batches so they will be ready when needed, states the National Restaurant Association.

Use data to drive decisions.

Analyze your sales and determine how many of each dish typically sells each day. This way, you can identify how much food preparation needs to be done to remain efficient and on schedule when it gets busy. Organize the refrigerators with proper labels so sous chefs and kitchen staff are not sifting through endless storage containers when it’s crunch time. Do as much preparation ahead of time to improve service without compromising taste or quality.

Evaluate the pantry.

Determine if the layout of the pantry is functional and if you are maximizing the space. Place frequently used items in easy-to-reach areas, organize the items by function and purpose, and make sure all stored items are easy to access and open.

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