4 Essentials of Any Employee Handbook

In our last article, we explored how to incorporate your employee handbook into your workplace culture and present it in a way that was relevant yet also engaging. This is a huge component of onboarding any new hires, which is why we’re dedicating this article to the essentials of an employee handbook. While making it interactive is a great benefit, the “meat” of the handbook is a serious topic. Before reading on, it’s critical to understand the benefits a customized Santa Fe EPLI policy, and how it can protect your bottom line in the event of a claim against your business.

Anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policies.

It is vital that the handbook expressly states that your company has zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination of any kind. It is critical to define the various types of harassment and how employees may identify harassment. Additionally, disclose to employees the ways in which they can report complaints of harassment/discrimination, as well as identity who in the company they can talk to address their concerns, states Dinsmore.

Employee conduct.

It should go without saying that employees are expected to act professionally and behave themselves at their place of work. However, it’s important to identify what constitutes as misconduct and how disciplinary actions will be handled. Be sure to include a disclaimer that includes a statement regarding any other behavior that could be potentially harmful to the business.

Zero tolerance for violence.

Ensure that every employee knows that violence will not be tolerated. Include information on how to report violent acts, report suspicious behavior, and how to document and report threats.


Workplace bullying involves repeated unreasonable acts toward an employee, either by a peer or supervisor, intended to humiliate or undermine the employee, and creating a risk to his or her health. The costs of bullying to an employer include training new employees to replace employees who leave as a result of bullying, decreased productivity as employees cope with bullying incidents, and harm to an employer’s reputation.

Employers need to take these complaints seriously and investigate claims as soon as they are reported. The last thing you want is your employees to feel unsafe or threatened at work, so be prompt with your response.


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