Making an Employee Handbook Relevant & Engaging

Every business should come equipped with an employee handbook. Not only does this set the tone for expectations, rules, and safety, it also ensures you are compliant with local and state laws. Most employers throw in the manual as part of their onboarding package, but this doesn’t ensure that your new hires will actually read it. For everyone to be on the same page, reading and understanding the employee guidelines is a requirement. Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore how to make the employee handbook engaging and relevant to encourage participation. Bear in mind that the best way for you to protect yourself against claims of negligence or wrongdoing through this process is with a customized Santa Fe EPLI policy.

Focus on your business’s mission.

Every company should have a mission: the reason why your employees come to your workplace each day, rather than the millions of other workplaces out there. Your mission should engage your employees on both an emotional and intellectual level, establishing an exciting challenge they care about.

Start your handbook by telling your employees your company’s mission and values. That will set the framework for the rest of your policies and procedures, not only for the reader, but also for you, the drafter, explains Fast Company.

Get creative.

Rather than providing your new hires with a stapled boring handbook, consider renaming it, binding it, and making it colorful and interactive. This is another way you can show off your company culture – by getting creative with it.

Make it personal.

Rather than copy and paste standard policies from the internet, personalize the handbook to reflect your company culture and its values. Write in a conversational way that embodies how you’d speak to an employee. Explain why the policies are in place rather than just dictating behavior and expectations.

Present it.

Your new hire orientation should include a presentation of the employee handbook. Show it off, go over policies, and welcome any questions regarding policies and procedures your new employees might have. While the handbook should never be underrated, making it engaging and fun is a great way to encourage participation and ensure everyone understands expectations from the start.

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