Workers’ Comp Exposures for Hotel Workers

A harsh reality for the hospitality industry is facing the risks that their employees are exposed to on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many of the claims within hotels are a result of injured housekeepers. With stricter budgets and less management staff to oversee operations, these injuries are becoming increasingly popular. With that said, ensure you have a custom-tailored NM Workers’ Comp Insurance program to mitigate risk and financial responsibility in the event of a claim.

To avoid these risks, Insurance Journal suggests evaluating the physical capabilities of the candidates you wish to hire. In most positions, a lot of physical exertion is required of hotel workers. Keep this in mind when hiring laundry room attendants, housekeepers, and maintenance. In turn, your workers’ compensation claims can be reduced if you use best practices for hiring.

While your hotel might be short staffed, this is not an excuse for careless injuries to happen as a result of poorly trained employees. Show new hires the proper techniques for reaching, lifting, bending, and carrying items that could pose a safety risk to them.

Another factor to consider is housekeepers who clean more than 15 rooms per day are more susceptible to injury. Depending on your resources, experts recommend you hire more help if your current staff is stretched thin and in a rush to clean more than 15 a day.

Proper techniques should be used to prevent injuries from repetitive motions. Provide step stools to prevent housekeepers from stepping on furniture, provide extending devices so they can clean hard-to-reach areas, and give them ample time to take loads of laundry back and forth so they do not overextend their abilities.

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