Attention Hoteliers: Health and Safety Tips

Most hoteliers take pride in their immaculate rooms, superb customer service, and state of the art equipment. However, during the holiday rush, it’s easy to inadvertently allow some details to slip through the cracks. Therefore, we have provided a comprehensive health and safety list for hoteliers to consider this holiday season to ensure their establishment upholds its reputation and success within their communities. In addition, protect your entire operation with a custom-tailored Santa Fe Hospitality Insurance Program.

Eliminate dust.

Clear the rooms of dust and the allergies associated with mites and pests that come along with it. Executive housekeeper Elena Philip of Discovery at Marigot Bay, St Lucia, suggests to The Caterer that a best practice is to dust the main surfaces of rooms daily, including door frames, window frames, skirting boards, furniture, and fixtures. High areas such as the tops of wardrobes should be cleaned fortnightly to ensure there are no cobwebs or dust.

Check the electric appliances.

Ensure the cables, sockets, and wiring for all electric appliances are in good working order. Faulty wiring or blown sockets can pose serious hazards for hotel guests, so these should be checked in between each stay.

Look under the bed.

This goes for the ledges, windowsills, tops of wardrobes, and under the sheets. You’d be surprised to find what this type of simple investigation can unearth- most of which would be unbecoming for your incoming guests.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.

According to The Caterer, while surface dusting is essential, the main place for dust mites to breed is in carpets, which can harbor huge amounts of dust and mites-carpets left undusted will also attract other pests such as silverfish and moths. Be sure to move heavy items such as beds and wardrobes periodically to eliminate the dust that has collected over time.

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