Tips for Working with Health Inspectors

As a restaurant owner, you are likely familiar with the high standards that are expected of you to maintain cleanliness in your establishment. While many owners may be intimidated by health inspectors, it’s possible to achieve a positive relationship between the two of you. Rather than view them as an adversary, consider the following tips to working with these professionals. Next, ensure your restaurant is equipped with a New Mexico Restaurant Insurance package.

Maintain professionalism.

Encourage your management to engage with the health inspectors politely and to ask questions. They should feel free to dispute any violations they feel are inaccurate, but they should raise disputes in a professional, non-confrontational manner. When you disagree with an inspector’s assessment, ask how he or she arrived at that decision, and offer your interpretation of the regulations, says the National Restaurant Association.

Make corrections immediately.

Take the feedback from the health inspector and implement changes as soon as possible. Repeated violations may give the inspector the impression that you don’t take health and safety seriously at your restaurant, so find a solution immediately.

Show your progress.

If your restaurant receives a low score by the inspector, showcase how you plan on improving. Create a corrective action plan and ask for the inspector to indicate that on your restaurant’s file for the future. This will show your dedication to your own success and show that you are serious about improving.

Ask for advice.

Use these professionals’ wisdom to your benefit. If you plan on adding a new feature to your restaurant, creating a new menu, or implementing a new process, ask for their advice on how to go about it.

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