Tips for Screening Valet Drivers

Valet businesses that need to quickly identify qualified driver candidates may benefit from a well-rounded screening program. Unqualified candidates are eliminated early in the screening process, so you can devote your time and resources on the best candidates.

It is important to work with a background screening partner who is experienced with the unique requirements of the transportation industry and who has the ability to help identify and close potential screening gaps or inconsistencies in your program.

A driver who operates a vehicle as part of their job opens the business up to potential lawsuits and fines in a variety of ways. Valet Insurance is needed so you are financially covered.

How to Mitigate Risks?

Those who hire drivers must consider the need to manage them in order to protect the company and mitigate risks.

Realize your drivers are unique employees, and unlike other fields, they aren’t sitting behind a desk. Since drivers are operating cars, vans, and trucks, if he or she is under the influence or careless, there could be drastic consequences. Wrecks, damaged property, personal injuries, and even fatalities can result from driver employees. Also, drivers who lose their licenses, or receive excessive tickets for infractions,  make it much easier for company lawsuit or fines to rise that could harm or even wipe out your organization. Be sure to obtain valet insurance so your business is able to make it out of a rough patch.

Build a Screening and Ongoing Monitoring Program


  • Employment History Search
  • Commercial Driver’s License Information System
  • Social Security Number Check

Core Screening

  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Employment Verifications
  • Drug/Alcohol Violation History Verifications
  • Pre-Employment Screening Program
  • National and County Criminal History Searches
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search

Conditional Screening

  • Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • Medical Qualification Standards

Ongoing Screening

  • Random Selection Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Monthly Motor Vehicle Report Monitoring
  • Annual Driving Record Review
  • Physical Exams

Practice Consistency

Screening every so often or only in certain cases can lead to poor quality hires and opens you up to discrimination lawsuits. Your driver screening and monitoring policy needs to be written and clear, and all of your hiring managers must understand what is expected. Subject all applicants applying for the same type position to the same pre-employment screening and monitoring practices.

Employing drivers is necessary for many companies to conduct business, but comes with heavy responsibility. Employers must realize the risk drivers bring to a company and take concise, actionable measures by implementing driver screening to protect their organizations and the public. With a mix of pre-employment screening and post-hire monitoring, will help you feel confident that your drivers are operating safely and with proper credentials.

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