How Valet Operations Can Improve Customer Service

In times of rapid change, it’s helpful to remember the core values of your business.Core values allow you to maintain focus, execute on the things that matter, and push your business forward. Although it’s impossible to make everyone happy, a core value for any business is customer service, and valet businesses are no exception. No matter how much or little you interact with customers, every interaction is an opportunity to improve your business in the eyes of your customers.

Make Customers Feel Special

The desire to feel important drives humans in many ways. It’s one of the reasons valet parking exists in the first place. Always keep the customer experience in mind and find ways to make them feel unique. Provide them with experience to truly be impressed by.

Remembering a customer’s name or paying them a compliment goes a long way. Create rewards for long-term, repeat customers to show appreciation. The goal is to go beyond your business and connect with your customer’s desire to feel special.

Stay Up on New Standards

Disappointed customers leave bad reviews and then go somewhere else because they can. Embrace this new standard by making sure your services are top notch. While your competition complains, you can get creative and execute new strategies to go beyond customer expectations.

Exceed expectations by anticipating your customer’s’ needs. It is worth it in the long run to go the extra mile. Consider implementing something easy but kind like providing water bottles to customers. And no matter how much feedback you get, you should always pay attention to it and work on further improving your customer service.

Word of Mouth

Information spreads instantly on the internet, and it’s normally permanent. It’s crucial to protect and build your company’s reputation, by delivering a great service.

Bad reviews hurt, but good reviews help your business massively. Your customers are likely on some form of social media and can share when they have a good experience. This creates a viral effect. It’s in your best interest to valet insurance secured.

Word of mouth is the best marketing you could possibly hope for because your happy customers refer friends.

Bad reviews are opportunities to turn things around by being honest, understanding, and supportive. Respond to bad reviews directly to repair the situation. Whether it’s a refund, credit, fixing an error, or a sincere apology, let your customers know you have their best interest at heart.

Consider Customers as Your Greatest Asset

It’s more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones. Focus on customer retention and loyalty. Learn how customers’ needs change and set themselves up to best meet those needs.

Pay attention to new inventions such as on-demand valet parking apps. You can see their customer service practices and how an app meets the need for on-demand services in the parking industry by meeting drivers wherever and whenever they want. Established valet parking operations have the advantage over new on-demand valet apps right now, with years of business under their belts and existing customer relationships to leverage.

Learn what customers want by always getting feedback in person, via email, or through surveys. Knowing how to please your customers will give you an edge over your competition.

As a final note, make sure to protect your operation with a Valet Insurance program. This will cover your operation from lawsuit-related losses, and having coverage will demonstrate to your customers that you take safety seriously, making them feel more comfortable with your business.


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