The Pros of Establishing a Return to Work (RTW) Program

Accidents happen all the time at work, despite your best efforts through employee training and heeding safety precautions. One of the largest costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses is the lost time from work. The best and most effective way to combat these costs is to establish a return to work (RTW) program. A RTW program is a plan that a business uses to help reintegrate injured or temporarily disabled workers back into the workplace as soon as they are medically able. The benefits of having a proper RTW program in place are numerous and well worth your time and effort.

The Pros of an RTW and Why Your Business Should Adopt One

Return to work programs are not only valuable for employers, but they serve employees as well. Here are the pros behind establishing an RTW.

Worker Retention

An employee who is out of work for six months has less than a 50% chance of returning. If the employee is gone for a year, the chances of returning drop to 10%. An RTW program provides the needed encouragement for injured employees to return as soon as they are able.

These programs will prevent you from hunting for newer, less experienced workers who are not yet inculcated into your business’ culture. Worker retention also goes both ways; an employee has the comfort that their employer wants to bring them back.

Reduce Costs

Worker’s compensation costs can become extremely expensive as time drags on. It is possible that not efficiently bringing an employee back to work could add up to thousands of dollars.

Having an RTW program can enable workers to work part-time, reducing both mounting disability benefits and worker’s compensation costs. Returning injured employees to work quickly will also reduce turnover and cut down on the costs of hiring new workers.

Employee Well Being

By promptly returning employees to work you will make them feel valued, both accelerating their healing process and reducing fraud rates. Likewise, employees who are away from work for long periods begin to feel isolated and unproductive. An RTW will gradually reintegrate your employees back to work keeping their morale, and the morale of their co-workers, high.

Setting up a Return to Work Program

If you are reading these pros and realize that your business needs to have an RTW program in place, we at Daniels Insurance can help. Not only do we provide our business clients with insurance coverage, but we also work with them to implement RTW programs, set up accident investigative programs, and pinpoint areas of risk for fraudulent claims.

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