Minimizing On-the-Job Injuries for Construction Workers

It is no mystery that construction workers face significantly more risks for on-the-job injuries than most other professions. Nevertheless, construction-related injuries are very common, especially injuries within the category of ‘struck-by-object’. As a construction worker, it is in your best interest to be aware of the most effective ways of minimizing on-the-job injuries.

Methods of Minimizing On-the-Job Injury

Whether you are a veteran of the construction vocation or your first day of work is tomorrow, this list of recommendations will make you and your workplace safer.

Protective Gear

An effective means of preventing injury is making sure that you and your coworkers are wearing protective gear. There is a broad array of things that could harm a person on a construction site. Flying particles, dust, and chemicals can damage eyes, falling objects could cause trauma to one’s head, and loud noises can damage the ears.

To combat these risks be sure to use:

  • Protective Eyewear
  • Hardhats
  • Boots
  • Hearing Protection
  • Glove

Additionally, make sure you create a habit of routinely inspecting protective gear for dents, cracks, and signs of age. Replace all broken or damaged protective gear. Also, check all tools and equipment as well for malfunctions or ware and tear.

Worker Visibility

Construction workers should be visible at all times, especially when heavy machinery is in operation. You must always wear bright or reflective vests whenever you are in high-risk zones. Another component of worker visibility comes with proper communication with coworkers.

 Secure Machinery

To prevent construction injuries, lower blades and lock the moving parts of machines when they are not in use. Likewise, potentially hazardous equipment should be secured during a repair. If you are not versed in the correct ways to secure machinery, ask your supervisor.


Keeping with the last point of the previous recommendation, adequate training and education is key to preventing on-the-job injuries. Be aware of the areas and projects that are beyond your skill level, or if you are more experienced, keep in mind what areas and tasks newer workers should avoid.

Despite your vigilance and best efforts, you may experience bumps, bruises, and even serious injuries. Daniels Insurance can help; we offer a broad portfolio of coverages designed to address the various exposures you face in the construction sector.

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