ATV Season Upon Us: Top Safety Tips

For some, beach season is upon us, but for others, it’s ATV season. Whether you use an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) for light-duty work on your farm or trail riding, you want to insure it against theft or serious damage. Most of all, you want yourself and your property to be safe.

All-Terrain Vehicle and Other ‘Toy’ Safety Tips

While ATV insurance is a must, you and your loved ones who ride ATVs should learn or refamiliarize yourselves with these top ATV safety tips for this upcoming season.

Get Safety Certified

Before you ride an ATV on a trail, you should consider getting safety certified. In some states, it is a requirement that teens have a safety certificate before they ride without adult supervision. The ATV Safety Institute has an online and hands-on course, taught only by instructors who are licensed by the ATV Safety Institute. These courses will teach you a wide range of safety knowledge and skills.

Be at least 16 Years Old

There is a reason why there is an age restriction for driving. Younger teens and children aren’t as physically and mentally developed as adults and therefore don’t have the strength and quick decision-making experience necessary to safely drive an ATV. An absolute must is to never have a teenager give another person a ride even if they have a two-person ATV.

Wear Appropriate Helmet and Eye Protection

The Department of Transportation offers several safety standards for the proper head and eye protection. These include helmets with full face shields, helmets with flip-down visors, or shatterproof goggles. Again, many states require by law that you wear the appropriate head and eye protection when operating an ATV.

Wear Additional Body Protection

Falling from an ATV can be anywhere from painful to deadly, especially when you consider that you oftentimes drive an ATV on rough terrain. To further protect yourself from a fall or flying particles, wear long pants, long sleeves, gloves, and over-the-ankle boots.

Know Basic First Aid

You should always be prepared in the event of an accident. One of the fundamentals of accident preparedness is knowing how to administer basic first aid. Having the know-how to treat minor injuries can make a huge impact in the event of an accident.

Never Operate Under the Influence

Though an ATV is not a car, it is still a heavy piece of machinery capable of moving at high speeds. Just as it is dangerous to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the same rule applies to ATVs.

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