The Most Common OSHA Construction Safety Violations

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a government agency that is responsible for maintaining standards of health and safety in the workplace. One type of workplace that is statistically more dangerous than most others are construction sites. In 2016, 4,693 workers in the private sector died on the job, 991 of them were construction workers. Of those that died, 64 percent of them were killed by the fatal four – the four most common causes of death on construction sites which include falls, electrocution, getting hit by something, and getting caught in between something. The construction safety protocols outlined by OSHA are not arbitrary, as violations of these rules can and have led to construction-related fatalities and injuries.

How to Keep Your Business and Employees Safe

Construction deaths and accidents can cost your business thousands of dollars. You can keep your business and employees safe by studying the most common OSHA construction safety violations.


Incorrect wiring can start fires and electrocute workers. Death by electrocution was responsible for 8.4 percent of all construction deaths in 2016.

Fall Protection

Contractors are required to provide adequate training and protection for employees working from height. Deaths from falls were the most common code violations coming out at 6,887 instances.

Machine Guarding

Construction businesses have to place the proper protection on machines to prevent injuries from flying sparks, rotating parts, and hands inadvertently slipping.

Respiratory Protection

OSHA requires employers to provide their employees with respirators. Failure to supply workers with respirators or giving them faulty respirators can result in breathing harmful chemicals and particles.


Scaffolding that is not safe and secure can cause injuries and deaths from falls, falling objects, or loose supports.

Hazard Communication

By law, all hazardous chemicals must be properly labeled with the addition of employees receiving the correct training for how to handle such chemicals.

Power Industrial Trucks

OSHA found many violations surrounding machines such as forklifts. These violations came from the improper loading of materials to poorly trained employees operating said machinery.


A major contributor to fall-related construction injuries is linked to ladder violations. Falls accounted for almost 39 percent of all construction deaths in 2016.


Whenever a machine is being repaired or is not in use, it is supposed to go through a safety procedure. The inability to abide by such requirements can cause serious harm.

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