The Biggest Safety Risks in Oil Field Trucking

Many people know that driving a truck is a dangerous career; however some may be surprised exactly how dangerous it really is. About 41% of fatal work-related deaths were in the transportation industry and trucking is placed 8th, while firefighters and police officers were not even in the top 10.

What makes oil field trucking jobs even more dangerous is largely due to the fact they are hauling crude oil, refined fuel, and other gasses, all of which are combustible. These products can be very toxic and cause other health related issues. The extreme environments and the equipment they are surrounded by are hazards as well.

In an industry with so much at risk, New Mexico oil field insurance provides the sought after protection. In addition to insurance coverage, make sure to protect your operation against these hazards.

Who Regulates?

It is well-documented that oil field trucking is a dangerous occupation. Anyone working in the Oil, Gas, and Mining industry has a higher risk of injury than most other career fields.

Much like other industries, they have the standard list of organizations to help regulate them such as:

  • Department of the Interior
  • The Bureau of Land Management
  • The Department of Transportation
  • The Department of Labor
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration

The Dangers

There are rules to help the well-being of the truckers but the reality is not always the same. Unsafe acts will inevitably happen, possibly due to a lack of understanding, lacking obedience, or negligence. The oil field trucking has such a high rating, in regards to being dangerous, because of their cargo.

Example:  The trucker falls asleep causing a crash. If the truck turned over, not only will there be issues and injuries as with any large crash, there is potential fire and/or explosion that could be caused by the fuel.  Also, the pollution that is caused by the draining into the local waterways will have a lasting effect.

Oil rigs won’t explode every time there’s a minor incident, but they are extremely flammable, and therefore quite dangerous. Also, getting behind the wheel while tired and responsible for a vehicle weighing several thousand tons and loaded with a flammable and/or explosive liquid presents dangers unlike any other. The driver of the truck knows if they are tired or not.  However, supervisors and logistics know that the driver shouldn’t be up for hours and hours, and then expected to drive a full shift.  Management and fleet owners have a responsibility to ensure their drivers are well rested. One night of lost sleep can cost you a lot more than one delayed tanker truck.


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