Resorts, Follow These Tips for Success

Resorts and spas are undoubtedly lucrative businesses. With high price points and exclusive services, there is plenty of profit potential. However, in order to stand out from the rest, resort owners and management must become familiar with the strategies that will drive business and create patron loyalty. As we take a closer look at how to achieve this, ensure your New Mexico Resort Insurance Package is in place and up to date to secure your daily operations and mitigate potential risk.

Customers come first.

The hospitality industry thrives on quality customer service. This means that from ownership to management to entry level positions, the importance of customer service should trickle down. Ensure each employee who interacts with guests is well-versed and trained to uphold quality expectations and satisfy guests. Remember, word of mouth and positive reviews will put your resort on the map. Especially as a resort is an exclusive vacation option, it’s important to treat each and every guest like royalty.

Create a loyalty program.

This is a great way to increase repeat customers and create loyal guests for years to come. Offering unique rewards to repeat customers, VIP guests and guests who spend in other departments is a great way to increase your guest capture rate. It also allows you access to a significant amount of guests data in which to create specific target marketing, says Appysphere.

Focus on Frequency.

Resort guests typically have longer stays than their urban hotel counterparts. Take advantage of this by encouraging guests to participate in all that your resort has to offer. Whether it’s an expensive bottle of champagne for the parents or a fun day tour with the kids, promote your services to accommodate everyone. The more they do, the more profitable your resort will be.

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