Preventing Manufacturing Injuries: Machine Safety

The manufacturing industry requires ample knowledge of machine operation and safety. While these tools may increase productivity and reduce physical labor, they are not immune from creating safety risks throughout the manufacturing plant. With that said, it’s important to secure a customized and focused New Mexico Manufacturing Workers Compensation program to protect your employees. In addition, heed the following safety advice to reduce job injuries.

Never remove machine guards.

Machine guards are designed to protect the operator. Whether they are in place to prevent sparks and debris from flying at the operator or they are used to prevent them from being caught in moving parts, the machine guards are critical for maintaining safety. The only time these should be removed is for repair or maintenance and should only be done by authorized personnel.

Use protective equipment.

The most common personal protective equipment includes closed-toe shoes, safety goggles, and gloves. Even with the machine guards, safety is of utmost importance and all precautions should be taken. Wear goggles that completely surround the eyes, rather than just glasses, to prevent an accident. Next, wear snug fitting gloves to prevent them from getting caught in the machinery. Lastly, slip-resistant shoes should be worn to not only prevent slips and falls but to also protect your feet if an object were to fall.

Training is key.

Anyone who has not undergone the proper training should not be operating machinery. As all equipment has different operating techniques and features, it’s important for each employee to be trained and instructed on how to use that particular machine.

Abide by maintenance schedules.

All equipment has a recommended maintenance schedule. By following the required procedures, equipment will be kept operating at peak performance; when servicing is not completed correctly, machinery can overheat due to lack of lubrication, or suddenly jam due to a broken belt or drive gear, says Plant Engineering.

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