Protecting your Hotel’s Housekeepers

Hotel rooms are designed to maximize comfort and convenience for your guests. As such, they are not always the easiest to clean and maintain. Therefore, providing the proper training and ergonomic information to your hotel housekeeping staff can ensure their safety and minimize workers’ compensation claims. Protect your hotel and your staff with a comprehensive Albuquerque Hospitality Workers’ Compensation insurance and heed the following advice.

Provide proper equipment.

Providing hotel housekeeping staff with the proper equipment can minimize injuries. For example, lightweight and self-propelling vacuums can minimize the strain on their backs. Service carts should be equipped with wheels that are meant to trek over carpet to reduce the need to exert too much effort to push it.

Focus on ergonomics.

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, cleaning floors, walls, windows, mirrors, and bathroom fixtures with an extension tool reduces bending and over-stretching. Keep in mind, however, that management may require their cleaning staff to make extra effort on certain cleaning  duties.  This demand for spotless cleanliness and hygiene may require kneeling, leaning, squatting, crouching, slouching and stretching. These postures can contribute to new musculoskeletal injuries and aggravate old ones.

Think of the administrative implications of safety.

Aside from the above-mentioned processes, consider the administrative ways you can prevent housekeeping injuries. Providing proper training can help your employees avoid or common workplace injuries. Next, schedule rotation should always be priority to prevent overexertion. Lastly, teamwork should never be underestimated. Schedule multiple housekeepers at once to help each other out, if possible.

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