Preventing Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Many small businesses fall victim to New Mexico Workers’ Compensation fraud. While this is incredibly unfortunate, there are ways to identify and prevent this from occurring. With that said, let us explore how this issue can be curbed.

Report injuries immediately.

Once an injury occurs, contact your insurance agent to report the claim. As they are the ones who know and care about you as a customer, let them handle the claim and speak to the insurance companies on your behalf.

According to EHS Today, the primary goal is to make sure the injured worker receives the proper treatment and that the recovery protocols are followed to facilitate a speedy recovery so the injured worker is returned to health and the job as quickly as possible. When this process is followed, the possibility of fraud is less likely.

Train management on how to handle injuries.

This person is likely going to be the key contact to the worker and someone who has a working relationship with him or her. Therefore, managers should accompany the injured employee to the hospital, if needed, follow up with their recovery process, and relay important information between the two parties. Knowing how to properly handle the injury can reduce the risk of any fraudulent activity.

Identify any leaks in your system.

There is plenty of room for error in any system, so be cautious of questionable claims. Make sure your insurance agent reviews loss runs and the medical bills carefully to make sure the services reflect mandated medical care protocols, says the article. Further, be weary of “Monday Morning” accidents, as the injuries could have occurred over the weekend instead.

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