Protecting Customer Information in your Restaurant

Collecting data about your customers is a great way to identify spending habits, recognize their favorite menu items, and stay in touch. However, with storing big data comes big responsibility on your end to adequately protect their information. Therefore, read on to obtain a comprehensive solution to secure their privacy. More importantly, however, is ensuring your restaurant is financially protected with a sound Albuquerque Restaurant Insurance program, which includes the necessary cyber liability components you need.

Create a privacy policy and notice.

Guests need to know how and when their personal information will be used. It should include how your restaurant will manage opt-out requests and how you will navigate a breach should one occur. Furthermore, a privacy notice should be provided. According to the National Restaurant Association, a privacy notice is a public statement that discloses the information your company gathers, how you collect it and use it, who has access, whether you disclose it to third parties, and if so, for what purpose.

Comply with the law.

It’s important to regularly assess that your policy complies with local and federal regulations.

Investigate third parties.

Simply because you use a cloud service to store your customers’ information doesn’t mean your business is off the hook for liabilities. Ensure they follow best practices, adhere to the law, and ask them what types of security measures they take to protect data.

Understand the law.

Make sure you know the laws and regulations about breaches that cover your customers; respect for customers’ privacy isn’t just good for your business and your reputation- often it’s required by law.

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