Improving your Hotel’s Website to Drive Traffic

It should come as no surprise to know that a majority of today’s travelers research hotels online. With that being said, there is no shortage of web pages for your competition, as well. Therefore, boosting your online profile and creating a user-friendly, easily navigable site can set your hotel apart from the rest. So, in addition to securing the right New Mexico Hotel Insurance package, heed the following advice.

Keep it simple.

Instead of adding detailed descriptions of all the services you provide, stick to bullet points and white space. Visitors typically only spend a few seconds on each page so it’s important to keep their attention. Make sure all links are easy to find and that the website flows naturally.


The overview should serve as the sales pitch for your hotel. Identify a target market by explaining why that individual or group should choose your property.


Location is the #1 criteria travelers use to choose a hotel.  Travelers may not be familiar with your city, so an address isn’t enough.  Let them know what’s in walking distance and how long the drive is to the nearest restaurant, highway or metro, or local attractions, says 4 Hoteliers.


List all of the relative amenities your hotel features. From on-site parking and shuttles to complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, list these on your site. Don’t forget to include the hours of operation for the shuttles and breakfast, as well.


Show off your best rooms and features with plenty of pictures. Create galleries to showcase each component of your hotel including rooms, bars, pools, etc.

Furthermore, guest demographics also play a role in what information you should provide. Remember, business travelers usually don’t have as much time to dive into the minor details.  On the other hand, some leisure travelers love to look into on-site spa treatments, restaurant menus, and anything else that helps create their dream experience. Take these factors into considerations when updating your hotel’s website.

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