Properly Caring for Tools and Equipment

In the construction industry, tools are constantly being subjected to dirt, grime, and harsh elements. Because of this, proper care and maintenance of the tools is required in order to preserve their integrity and ensure they function for years to come. Therefore, in addition to securing a New Mexico Construction Insurance Program, share the following with your teams to maintain your tools and equipment.

Clean consistently.

Granted the last thing you want to do after a long day’s work is wipe down the tools you used that day, it’s an important step in caring for them. It only takes a few seconds to rid them of any excess dirt and grime that can build up over time. For deeper cleanings, schedule a time about twice a month.

Pay attention to the chords.

Frayed wires are not only incredibly dangerous, they threaten the lifespan of your tools. Mind the chords while operating any electrical equipment and protect them with ramps and covers on job sites.

Use proper lubrication.

Air tools need daily lubrication. Usually, condensation in the airline may cause corrosion inside them, so coat the internal components of this equipment with air-tool oil to prevent corrosion, says Constructorator.

Inspect the tools.

Minor repairs and tweaks might be necessary after a long day’s work. Go through the equipment used that day to ensure it’s functioning properly and they are operating safely. If not, make the necessary adjustments right away.

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