2017 Food & Beverage Trends for Hotel Dining

The “uberization” of food, the “meal-kit” lifestyle, and supplier/restaurant combinations are all growing threats to the hospitality and restaurant industry. However, the traditional restaurants still have plenty of ideas to compete up their sleeves. As we dive into the growing food and beverage trends of 2017, ensure your hotel is secured with a customized Albuquerque Hotel General Liability Program, fitted with all of the necessary components your establishment needs to thrive.

Putting vegetables at the forefront.

As vegetarian and vegan lifestyles go mainstream, restaurants of all kinds are working hard to adapt. What used to be a side dish is now the highlight of many entrees. To accommodate locally sourced and sustainable foods, look for vegetables in all their glory as they pop up on menus nationwide.

Artisan butchers.

These supplier owned-and-operated restaurants are becoming ever so popular. Rather than selling the top cuts and discarding the rest, these artisan butchers are highlighting the forgotten cuts of the animal. From head to tail, look for new recipes on hotel and restaurant menus that make use of the entire pig or cow.

Breakfast all day.

After McDonald’s launched breakfast all day, so did their competitors. Breakfast and brunch items are being offered on menus nationwide to accommodate the growing interest. From bagels to breakfast tacos, there are countless ways these traditional breakfast items can be incorporated into all day menus.


With acai and poke bowls swarming the market, new and inventive items are appearing on menus with increasing frequency. From ramen to upscale dishes, chefs are finding that assembling a decorous bowl is easier and faster than the complexity of plating upscale entrees because they don’t have to fuss around, explains 4 Hoteliers.

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