Keeping Your Business Property Safe from Break-Ins

Much like homes and personal properties, sometimes businesses become an easy target for break-ins and robberies. It is critical that you obtain a New Mexico Business Insurance program that includes Property Insurance coverage and understand how to properly secure your assets, as this will protect you in the unfortunate event that your business is targeted. There are many things you can do to reduce the risk of break-ins and help keep your business safe that are quite easy to implement. Take advantage of these simple tips.

Use Lighting to your Advantage

Invest in the lighting of your property’s interior and exterior. Burglars get deterred from breaking into properties that are well-lit. Since thieves strive to be camouflage when committing a crime, using lighting in conjunction with security cameras will help capture clear images, allowing easy identification of burglars when necessary. Identify dark spots which have poor lighting or none at all. Ensure your bulbs are always in good working condition.

Perform Regular Property Maintenance

Businesses are commonly broken into due to the poor maintenance of their exteriors. Ensure that trees are groomed, unused vehicles are stored and the garbage dumpsters are located away from the buildings, because they provide hiding spots for thieves. Doors and windows should always be made from quality materials, and lend a further sense of security to your property.

Use Signs to Deter Burglars

Advertise that you are protected with a security system. With so many fake cameras around these days, not all burglars will be deterred by this fact, but once they are challenged by a security team, they will realize that your premises is in fact under surveillance, and they will quickly flee. While these signs may not deter all criminals, some will certainly think twice before they attempt a break-in.

Safeguard your Valuables

Make sure that all valuables are stored in a safe or any secure location you see fit. If burglars aren’t deterred by your prior safety measures, and try to take your valuables, they will be less inclined to follow through with a full blown break in if it isn’t easy to get their hands on anything because they will safely be locked away and out of reach.

Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Make it difficult for burglars to access your premises by restricting unauthorized entry into your property. Use security tags, security codes and cards to make sure no one can enter your premises without you knowing about it.

This is especially important during working hours, when the security system will most likely not be armed, and when your premises will not be monitored. Knowing who is coming and going will help prevent anyone from scanning your interiors and exteriors for weak spots they can later use to force their entry.

Make sure the building and all points of entry themselves are safely locked and windows can never be opened from the outside. Consider adding heavy duty lock to the doors. You should also never leave a key anywhere on the premises, not even inside.


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