High-Value Homeowners’ Insurance Needs

High-value homeowners have different insurance needs. Why? Because your home needs expensive repairs or replacements in case it gets damaged by natural disasters.

What is considered high value?

Typically, homes that cost $750,000 and above to build are high-value. Examples are historic properties, homes with rare materials used, and architectural significance.

Aside from expensive repairs, homeowners of high-value properties may face higher personal and property liabilities. Thus, you should get the most comprehensive insurance coverage.

What are the coverages for high-value home insurance?


This coverage protects you from the high cost of hospitalization when injured, either within or outside your property. It also covers the liability costs for accidents or injuries caused to other people.

You are liable to pay for medication and other related costs when a person gets injured on your property. Even though you aren’t around when the accident happens, you still pay.

This coverage can reduce the costs you are going to pay. The insurance will pay on your behalf instead of through reimbursement benefits.

Common places where accidents happen in your house include play equipment and swimming pools.

Structural Rebuild

Since your house is of high value, damage to it could be frustrating and disappointing. However, with this coverage, you can rebuild your home after a flood or a fire.

Remember, standard coverage often doesn’t include flood or fire insurance. This might not be the case for high-value homeowners.

Living Expenses

One perk of high-value home insurance is the additional living expenses. When your house becomes unlivable for months due to a loss covered by your insurance, you will not notice the change in your lifestyle.

You can still enjoy your favorite meals and live in a luxurious living space while you wait for the rebuild to finish. The great news is the additional expenses don’t have a limit in most cases.

Identity Theft Coverage

High-profile and high-value individuals are prone to identity theft. People who want to live a lavish life would often be looking out for their next victims.

With this coverage, your insurance provider will make sure you get the latest updates of suspicious activities on your accounts, either online or offline transactions. This might not have a financial benefit, literally. However, keeping your identity safe is more important.

Home Inspections

Your insurer provides free home inspections, which is more cost-effective on their part. High-value homes have high rebuild, repair, or replacement costs.

To prevent claims for these benefits, insurance providers will conduct a routine inspection. This activity ensures your high-valued home is in top condition.

Partial Loss

There could be times that you suffer partial loss or damage on the part of your house. Standard coverage replaces the similar quality of the materials.

However, high-value home coverage will often match the originals. This replacement cost even includes undamaged portions.

This coverage also applies to a set of expensive equipment found in your home. It means the policy will cover the replacement of a pair instead of one.

Employment Practices Liability

Do you have an employee at home? This covers any liability, which includes litigation against you. Your in-home employees might sue you for discrimination or constructive dismissal.


Aside from the structural build, your high-value home probably contains expensive items. These items could include jewelry, arts, antiques, among others.

With the high-value home coverage, you can include your expensive possessions. Protect these contents against theft or damage.

Extended Replacement Cost

Sometimes, the standard coverage is not enough, especially for high net worth individuals owning expensive houses. Thus, an extended replacement cost coverage is an excellent way to protect your properties.

This coverage entitles you to replace your damaged or lost property even if the amount exceeds your benefit. The premium is higher than the standard, but you get full coverage.

Umbrella Policy

This policy takes effect when you reach your higher limit on your standard home coverage. A coverage may reach up to $100 M, depending on your policy’s premium and comprehensiveness.

Find the right Santa Fe High-Value Home Insurance for you. Remember, more assets mean you need more protection. This is important if you belong to the upper echelon of society.

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