Distracted Driving Habits to Kick in 2021

More than 30,000 people die in the US due to road accidents. Moreover, more than 3 million people become injured due to vehicular crashes. With these pressing statistics, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the major contributors to these accidents- distracted driving.

Distracted Driving and Statistics

Distracted driving is forgetting to focus on the road because you need to attend to another task. This could lead to road mishaps that could claim your life.

The three leading causes of these road fatalities are drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving. Distracted driving accounts for 26% of the total fatality.

Ten percent of all drivers are below 20 years old. Sadly, 27% of these young drivers die because of distracted driving. The main reason is using a gadget or cellphone while driving.

Taking your attention off the road for five seconds is enough to cause an accident. This would be more dangerous if you’re driving faster than the average or recommended speed.

Distracted Driving Habits to Kick

Here are the habits you should kick these bad habits and ways to minimize distracted driving.

  1. Using Cellphones

Texting, watching videos, filming, or answering a call while driving doubles your risk of road accidents. To avoid reaching out for your phone, put it in silent mode. Hide the phone in your bag. If you need to answer an important message, slow down and pull over on a safe side of the road.

Hands-free conversation on the phone is also not an alternative. Remember, your focus reverts to the activity, not on the road when you’re doing something while driving. Your reactions often are delayed and a few reacting seconds late is dangerous.

  1. Daydreaming

Distracted driving doesn’t only mean using your cellphone or other activities. Daydreaming makes you distracted, which puts you in peril. Listen to music to keep your mind active.

  1. Driving Angry or Emotional

Anger, anxiety, or extreme emotions could make you think irrationally. So, before driving, calm your nerves. Breathe deeply, or meditate for a few minutes before starting the engine. These precious moments could save you from fatal accidents.

  1. Using a GPS System or Map

Let someone adjust or operate the GPS or read the map for you if you have a passenger with you. Stay focused. Put your GPS in audio mode, or take the time to learn the routes if you’re unfamiliar with the place you’re visiting.

  1. Allowing Pets to Disturb You

Pets are adorable, but they shouldn’t disturb you while driving. Letting them sit on your lap or lean on your arms is not advisable. Besides, sudden turns could injure you and your pets, too. Train your pets to stay put in their seat while you’re driving.

  1. Eating and Drinking

Busy schedules make you feel like you’re always running out of time. Eating and driving become part of your daily lives. Well, many people are guilty of these situations. Either way, these tasks are dangerous together.

Take a few moments to pause and stop driving. If you’re hungry, go to the nearest restaurant and eat. Don’t do takeout. If you take out food, don’t eat it on your way.

  1. Watching/Reading Roadside Signage

Nowadays, some roadside signages are digital and animated. They’re vivid, eye-catching, and distractive. Avoid watching or reading roadside signage as you speed along the road. It’s just a matter of discipline.

  1. Grooming

Every second that you take your eyes off the road is risky. Adjust your schedule so you have time to put on your makeup or groom yourself in the car.

  1. Talking to Passengers

When we say talking to passengers, it means turning your head or your focus to them. Never do this, especially if you’re driving with your kids. You can talk but don’t turn your body or eyes away from the road.

  1. Driving Tired/Drowsy

Tiredness, a glass of wine, and some medication can make you drowsy. Avoid these things at all costs. If you couldn’t avoid driving and start to feel sleepy, pull over and let the drowsiness pass for the next 20 minutes. If you’re traveling with someone, let them drive until your drowsiness passes.

What to Do When Accidents Happen?

If you run into an accident, minor or not, and you or your passenger get injured, document the evidence. You’ll need this for your Santa Fe Car Insurance claim. Call your legal advisor to represent you during these situations.

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