Food Trends for Hospitality Industry in 2018

The food and beverage component of the hospitality industry is expected to see some drastic changes for 2018. While some are already in the works and becoming more popular by the day, new cuisines and processes are changing the way this industry does business. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the projected trends that your hotel and restaurant can expect to implement. If these trends are implemented successfully, you can expect a boost in your business while continuing to foster positive reviews. However, big decisions should be made with caution so as not to compromise your hotel and create New Mexico Hospitality Insurance claims.

Plant-based foods.

The organic craze has been supplemented by plant-based foods in today’s restaurants. With so many people concerned about how their food is raised and harvested, more and more consumers are opening up to the idea of eating more plant-based foods as opposed to meat. As restaurants work to accommodate the growing desire for organic and “clean” eating, the trends include more vegetarian options, vegan options, highlighting vegetables, and serving non-dairy ingredients.

New cuisines.

Gone are the days where fast food chains ruled the world. In fact, Filipino,Korean and Indian cuisines are expected to gain a massive following this year. Dishes that can be both casual and upscale and offer a variety of flavor, spice, texture and fragrances are in high demand as opposed to the classic American dishes of the past.

Cashless systems.

This has been a big social issue since the idea of digital payment systems arrived. Going cashless has its perks, but it also separates people into to inherent categories: the “haves” and the “have-nots.”

The “haves” have bank cards and mobile wallets; the “have-nots” generally are poor and unbanked, so this could be more controversial than non-tipping restaurants. Going cashless raises restaurants’ credit card expenses. But it also saves running to the bank for change, or finding out why a server is ten dollars short at the end of a shift, or worrying about theft, or counting all those nickels and dimes when closing for the night, states 4 Hoteliers.

If you’re planning on going cashless this year, weigh the pros and cons and evaluate who exactly your customers are before ridding your restaurant of traditional POS systems.

Technology integration.

Technology continues to evolve and interconnect. For example, expect to see more ordering and food delivery services be available through more applications than just the restaurant’s site. For example, GrubHub, TripAdvisor, Airbnb and even Snapchat have started to dabble in restaurant reviewing, ordering and check-ins. What’s more, big names such as Uber, Amazon and Google continue to acquire smaller, less successful names to interconnect the food ordering and delivery niches.

These big-name players are invading their competitors’ turfs …and simultaneously making alliances with them. When you look at names like Amazon, Google and Airbnb, OpenTable, then you know there’ll be a huge competitive shakeout and lots of mergers ahead, and not just among the smaller players.

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