Ensuring Cybersecurity While Working from Home

The coronavirus has created considerable business disruption across the country. The most noticeable change is that your businesses may have had to fully or partially switch over to a remote force. While establishing a means of connectivity and collaboration are important, a concern that may not have crossed your mind is that of cybersecurity.

Work-at-Home Cybersecurity: A Remote Workforce is More Susceptible to Cyber-Attacks

When your employees are in the office you have significantly more control over what can and cannot enter into your business’s network. This scenario changes when your employees are forced to work from home.

The lack of visibility into what your employees are doing and what sites they are visiting creates far too many endpoints for you to monitor or for your firewalls to handle.

Threat actors, knowing full well the susceptibility of many businesses, have already begun to target remote employees. By slipping inside of your employees’ devices at home they can gain a direct pathway back to your business’s network and your valuable data.

Healthy Security Practices for Remote Workers

The primary preventative measure against cyber-attacks should be to insure your business from such threats. However, there are plenty of healthy practices you and your employees can adopt to reinforce your business’s overall security posture.

Here are some examples Thycotic recommends:

  • Use a corporate VPN access when required.
  • Know when to switch between home internet and mobile internet.
  • Use a separate home internet network for work to isolate personal devices.
  • Recognize applications that consume lots of bandwidth.
  • Use headphones when working in public and be aware that unsavory people may be listening.
  • Determine which devices your employees are using to access your network and secure those devices.

The Reality of Cybersecurity

A reality of cybersecurity is that no business, no matter how large, has the means to defend against every possible cyber threat out there. Most leaders in the cybersecurity industry have said that getting hacked is not a matter of if but when.

The aforementioned healthy practices are great for developing a business culture of awareness, but ultimately cyber liability is the most ideal solution.

Secure Your Business with Cyber Liability

In this season of remote work, your business needs to be insured from cyber-attacks. The results of a data breach can be costly and can destroy the best reputations. Daniels Insurance Agency is prepared to assess your specific exposures and provide you with options that best address your risk profile.

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