Coronavirus Pandemic: Preventing Infection in Your Hotel

The coronavirus outbreak has caused mass business disruption across the country. For hotel businesses, there is certainly the concern of whether or not you will be able to continue operations. Due to the nature of hotels, customers are coming into your business after traveling, where it is difficult to practice social distancing.

How Hotels Can Reduce & Prevent Infection of COVID-19

Despite these concerns, you shouldn’t let the risk of infection loom over your business. There are action steps you can take to prevent infection such in your hotel.

Wash Your Hands and Avoid Touching Your Face

It is paramount that you effectively communicate with your staff about the importance of frequently washing their hands. Our hands touch lots of unclean surfaces throughout the day. Your staff can reduce the risk of infection if they avoid the rubbing of their eyes, mouth or nose with unwashed hands.

Prepare a Business Continuity Plan

You should safeguard your business from pandemics by establishing a business continuity plan. Simulate worst-case scenarios to see if your hotel operations are prepared for such a situation. Make sure that you and your staff have familiarized themselves with the continuity plan and understand their roles.

If you do not have a business continuity plan in place, it is vital you create one. Be sure to include an organized list of important resources and contacts including local health authorities in the case of infection.

Continuously Disinfect Surfaces and Objects

Your employees and guests will be constantly coming in contact with the same surfaces and items. To prevent infection spread in your hotel, continuously disinfect these things. These surfaces and objects include elevator buttons, light switches, door handles, bathroom countertops, toilets, telephones, nightstands, TV remotes, and the reception counter.

Keep Your Staff and Customers Informed

Every day there seems to be an important update concerning the coronavirus. To prevent panic and to keep your hotel infection-free, make a habit of emailing your staff and customers about the state of your business. Inform your guests where the hand sanitizers are available and that your business has taken risk mitigation measures.

Avoid Handshakes

Though the handshake is an iconic symbol of professionalism and hospitality, it is better to ensure the safety of your business and your guests than to keep  tradition.

The risk of an infectious outbreak in your hotel will never fully disappear despite your best efforts, but proactively preventing infection improves the odds you will keep your staff and guests safe. However, our hospitality insurance programs are here to alleviate the built-up stress you may be feeling. Our goal is to transfer your risk, improve your hotel’s safety, reduce claims costs, and help make the operations of your business more profitable.

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