The Top Voluntary Benefits to Boost Employee Morale

Voluntary benefits provide employees with customization options. When employees have these options, they could get the full coverage they think they need. So, why offer voluntary benefits to your employees?

Advantages of Offering Voluntary Benefits

Employer’s Advantage

With voluntary benefits, you can boost employee’s morale. If an employee feels motivated, there’s more likely to be a chance of increased productivity and decreased turnover rate.

Your talent pool also increases as many jobseekers find voluntary benefits as part of the benefits package an attractive deal. Moreover, you can also attract talents whom you could retain for years.

Employee’s Perks

Employees are ultimately on the winning side of this voluntary benefit. Employees will have the opportunity to get full coverage of their existing insurance if they have a plan in place, providing financial confidence. Since it is a group rate, the employees pay a lower rate, which is cost-effective.

Top Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are offered to employees through an employer. Often, these benefits include life insurance, health plan, and other related products.

You pay the premium for these benefits at first. Then, deduct the share of the employees through payroll deductions. The employee’s claim could be partial or whole, depending on your benefits policy.

What are the voluntary benefits you could offer to your employees?


Health is vital to everyone, more so with your employees. Your employees might get critically ill one-day. You don’t want them suffering from stress because they don’t have a good income source to fund their medication.

Critical illness insurance is an example of health-related voluntary benefits. This coverage is an excellent partner to medical coverage your employee might already have. The coverage kicks in when your employee gets diagnosed with a critical illness covered in the policy.

Cancer is another critical illness that your employee might suffer. We all know how expensive cancer treatments are, and there is separate coverage for cancer and its mutations. With this policy, your employee can mitigate the costs.

Other examples are accident insurance and hospital indemnity insurance.


This policy covers routine and expensive dental procedures. Often, dental insurance is not included in health insurance.

Thus, separate insurance for dental-related procedures would be an excellent supplemental coverage in a Santa Fe Employee Benefits package. Coverage may include tooth removal, dentures, and fillings, among others.


Life is unpredictable. One day, your employees are happily working with you. The next day, you learn one of them is being sued with civil lawsuits.

With legal services as part of the voluntary benefits, you’re helping your employees to have a better chance at living a worry-free lifestyle. Your employees can use this coverage for legal matters such as civil lawsuits, real estate, wills, family, and automobiles.

Disability insurance is also essential. This policy entitles your employee to receive a portion of their income if they suffer disability after an illness or accident.

Wellness voluntary benefits include gym memberships, recreation for your employees, among others that will ultimately make them relax and be happier.


It’s unavoidable sometimes that employees accumulate debts. Coverage to help them manage their finances would be a great inclusion or option to your voluntary benefits. This is more of a financial advisory, including credit card debt, saving, budgeting, tax, and investment advice.


Security-related voluntary benefits include life insurance and protection against identity theft. Life insurance entitles a beneficiary to a lump-sum benefit, and the beneficiary could be a family member of your employee. Your employee can update the coverage that would cover life events such as childbirth, home purchase, and marriage.

Identity theft is common nowadays, so you employees would probably feel more secure if they have this coverage. The coverage doesn’t have financial benefits except for the cost of repairing his or her credit score. When enrolled, policyholders get notified about fraudulent transactions and the use of personal details.


These voluntary benefits are more of the intangible types. You give your employees the option to choose the working hours without compromising business operations. With flexible hours, your employees would have the time to take care of their kids or emergency issues requiring their attention.

Some jobs are better and more cost-effective when done remotely. With internet and collaboration tools, you can divert some jobs that your employees can do at home.

Final Words

Voluntary benefits don’t intend to pamper your employees. With the right balance of expectations and performance, you and your employees can definitely enjoy the perks.

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