Defensive Driving: Car Accident Prevention Techniques

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If you discipline yourself to follow these techniques every time you get behind the wheel, you will greatly reduce the chances of an accident. Every situation is different and will require its own specific course of action, but there are simple accident prevention techniques that should always be executed while behind the wheel. The key here is self-discipline. There’s no need to put additional wear and tear on your vehicle or put you or others at risk. 

Looking to prevent accidents? Work these defensive driving strategies into your commute.

Look Far Ahead

Look far down the road and anticipate any hazards. Most accidents could be avoided if people would have better situational awareness and planned ahead by looking as far down the road as possible. Tunnel vision is very dangerous on the road. You must be able to get the big picture and stay on your toes for what’s ahead. 

Have An Escape Plan

To stay safe on the road, you must always have an escape plan. While you may be a great driver, you can’t always predict what other drivers around you will do. Factors out of your control could change a routine driving situation into a driving emergency at any given moment. Say a dog runs into the roadway and everyone slams on their brakes. Or someone has a tire blowout and begins spinning out of control. Using accident prevention techniques could mean life or death. You must plan to respond in a calm, yet quick manner. 

Maintaining Proper Following Distance

A safe following distance is just as important, if not more important than keeping a safe speed. After all, you could be going 120mph but as long as there is enough space between you and other vehicles, you’ll never hit anyone. It’s human nature to try to stay in packs and that is very evident in driving patterns. Keeping at least a car’s width between you and the vehicle in front of you can truly save lives. The faster you are going, the larger the following distance should be. 

Reducing Distractions

These days, cars have on-board computers, GPS systems, satellite radios, subwoofers, and even flat-screen TVs. Many people eat and drive at the same time, text and drive, or even get distracted by passengers in the vehicle. From people driving pets around to screaming kids in the back seat, distracted driving is a constant issue. Some of those distractions can be better managed. Stay conscious of your distractions and do what you can to limit them.

Make it A Habit

Learning defensive driving isn’t so much about improving your own driving skills, rather, it’s how to avoid other drivers when needed. People will make mistakes, and you will inevitably also, but learning accident prevention techniques can help you avoid those preventable slip-ups. It’s important to always expect the unexpected and plan for anything that might happen. Breaking old habits may be difficult at first. You may have to remind yourself to do certain things, but it will become second nature eventually. In addition to practicing safe driving techniques, be sure to protect yourself and your car with an Auto Insurance policy.

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