How to Effectively Maintain Construction Equipment to Keep it Useful for Years to Come

Care and maintenance of equipment is an important asset to construction businesses. If they are not taken good care of, they can become a huge headache, as maintenance costs will continue to rise. To maintain useful, long-lasting equipment, implement these tips into your operations. 

Use Manufacturer’s Recommendations  

Construction equipment manufacturers offer recommendations as to how specific equipment should be used, and at what intervals you should either take them for maintenance or replace them. For the best care and maintenance of equipment, follow through with these recommendations, such as service time frames. Similarly, if the manufacturer recommends that equipment handles a specific weight limit, do not exceed it. 

Train Employees Well 

The people who operate your construction equipment can make all the difference between the equipment lasting long, or breaking down before its recommended lifespan. If you properly train all equipment handlers, then you are guaranteed slower wear and tear, since they know what to do for the equipment to operate more effectively. You may even consider hiring individuals who are certified in equipment handling. 

In addition to keeping your equipment safe from potential breakdowns, this will also greatly reduce the risk of safety incidents on the construction site.

Set a Routine

Set a team of workers who run checks over the construction equipment before and after use at regular intervals throughout the week. This is a great way to stay proactive in the care and maintenance of equipment as it reduces the chances of accidents and helps pinpoint any problems in the running of the machinery. In this way, you can find out what causes the problem and the machinery can be repaired accordingly. 

Use Reputable Companies 

Partner with a reliable parts company for strong quality parts anytime you need to replace some parts of your equipment. Reputable companies sell good quality parts and they usually have great delivery times. Reputable companies can be a reliable parts replacement partner for the care and maintenance of the equipment you are looking for. 

Practice Proper Storage & Care 

How equipment is stored a prudent component to the care and maintenance of equipment. To ensure that your construction equipment remains in good working condition for a long period of time, store it in a dry area when it’s not in use to reduce the effects of damp weather such as rusting. Also, invest in some covers to protect it from the weather elements. The whole idea of storing it well is to protect it the degradation that comes with prolonged exposure to the weather.

Your construction equipment can last longer if you keep mechanical parts lubricated at all times. Part of the reason why equipment breaks down is from corrosion and wear and tear of mechanical parts of the equipment. Keeping it lubricated with a high-quality lubricant can help reduce wear and tear and keep it in good working condition.

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