Behaviors that Lead to Construction Accidents

Author: di_admin

Workplace safety should be the priority of any employer. Especially as workers’ compensation costs are still on the rise, it’s important for business owners to recognize the potentially dangerous habits and behaviors of employees that could lead to accidents on the job. In order to reduce Santa Fe Construction Liability, become familiar with the following dangerous red flags.

Rushing- Workers might feel the pressure to finish projects in a timely manner- even if they don’t have the funds or resources to do so. Rushing reduces the quality of the work and thus, increases the odds of making a dangerous mistake. Monitor the progress of the job site and determine how many tasks are feasible for the day in order to prevent rushing. Be cautious of projects thrown together on Fridays or holiday weekends as rushing accidents tend to happen more frequently around these times.

Fatigue- A lack of productivity and performance are characteristic of fatigued employees. During extremely hot and cold months, limit the schedule to shorter shifts to prevent the potentially negative consequences. Especially as fatigue can have the same effects on someone as being intoxicated, be sure the workers leave on time to prevent overexertion.

Frustration- Employees can get frustrated at poor procedures, bad communication, wrong or insufficient materials or problems at home, so hiring employees who can control their emotions is a valuable practice to any company, says On Site Safety. Remember, being able to monitor and manage issues is critical in this industry.

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