5 Simple Steps to Hotel Success

The hospitality industry is upheld by exceptional customer service and a variety of accommodations for their guests. As this lucrative sector is quite competitive, it’s important to note the fundamentals of the industry’s success: human interaction. Even in the wake of technological advancements, customer interaction will always be the backbone of this industry. In addition to securing a comprehensive New Mexico Hospitality Insurance program, take these tips into consideration for ensuring your hotel’s longevity and success.

Plan Ahead

4 Hoteliers states that to be effective, a sales manager needs to plan each week and day, allocating prime hours for selling, following up as needed, and measuring their activities against the marketing and sales plans. Further, thoughtful recommendations to clients can boost sales tenfold. Don’t be shy about letting guests know about the range of services you offer.

Accept Feedback

Listen to your clientele. How was their experience? Is there something that really stood out about our hotel? Are there any takeaways you can improve upon for the future? Using customer feedback to improve your operations can be the difference between a one-time visit and repeat business.

Be Prompt

Everything from marketing strategy requests, customer follow-up, and complaints need to be addressed immediately. Prioritize customers over anything else and return business inquiries within 24 hours. Experts recommend developing a sales and customer response protocol to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Stay in Touch

Like we discussed above, the human interaction facet is critical to hotel success. Each level of employee, from administrative to management, should be well-versed in customer satisfaction. If a guest feels welcomed and appreciated, they are more likely to return.


This is a key factor for all employees. Even casual environments should uphold professional demeanor and work attire at all times. First impressions are critical, and that’s all you get!

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